By Ralph Woodrow

Triumph Out of Tragedy—Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

142 Pages | 75 Illustrations | Price $8

A collection of inspirational sermons and writings by Ralph and Arlene Woodrow about turning obstacles into opportunities, going from bitter to better, from the mire to the choir, from bad to beautiful. The poems, humor, and illustrations provide a special dimension

The book begins by telling about a unique monument in Enterprise, Alabama—the only monument in the world built to honor a pest!

The boll weevil, having invaded southern Texas in 1892, spread to Alabama, where it devastated the cotton crops. Confronted with the loss, farmers discovered they could grow another crop that would be unaffected by the boll weevil: peanuts! Being forced to raise peanuts brought a consistent prosperity to the entire area. Thus tragedy turned into triumph!

What is it that bugs you? It may be circumstances you are facing, things you do not understand. It may be an unreasonable boss, a pesky relative or neighbor. But whatever it is, God can turn it around. We might call this the boomerang technique. Even that which is “evil” can be turned around for “good” (Gen. 50:20). Instead of becoming bitter, we can become better. Without valleys, there would be no mountaintops. We can make lemonade out of life’s sour lemons. We can turn stumbling stones into stepping stones. We can turn “NO” around so it becomes “ON.”

The last four letters in “American” are: I CAN. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13). One can become an “I CAN” person, instead of an “I CAN’T” person, through Him!