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Will Russia Invade Israel?

In 1968 a Christian group sent a registered airmail letter to Russian Premier Aleksei Kosygin (who succeeded Nikita Khrushchev). “This is a warning!” the letter begins. ...

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Ralph Woodrow, evangelist and author, has written many books over the years. His catalog lists books that are available for purchase. And, some books are FREE!

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May Hertiage Letter

Dear Ones In The Faith:
A friend and I were talking about ”God helps those who help themselves“ (see enclosed article). He said, “God helps those who cannot help themselves.” That is also true. In Scripture, for example, when people were raised from the dead, it is obvious they could not help themselves. ...

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Dear Friends in the Faith:

A few weeks ago, the following letter was sent by regular mail to the mailing list. This mailing included a gift copy of my 64-page book “WOMEN’S ADORNMENT—What Does the Bible Really Say?”. The offer is now being extended through this website. You may request a copy by one of the following ways:

ralphwoodrow@earthlink.net (email)

(760) 327-6049 (phone)

Or, by writing to me at:
Ralph Woodrow Evangelistic Association
PO Box 21
Palm Springs, CA 92263

— Ralph Woodrow

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