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At this time we are offering a GIFT copy of the 96-page book on the subject of BALANCE. The title of the book is an A-B-C-D-E acrostic:

At first glance, a book about a balanced Christian life, may seem less exciting than one with prophetic speculation, or a flamboyant exposé regarding doctrinal differences. But in the long run, the practical lessons about balance can be of greater importance.

Anyone who is deeply involved in any profession will learn things about that profession that are not well known. This is true whether he is a politician, lawyer, trash collector, butcher, baker, candlestick maker—or preacher. Over the years, from my youth, I have had the opportunity to travel and speak in hundreds of different churches. In the process, by God’s grace, I have learned many lessons about the wisdom of balance which I share in this book. In some cases you may read in minutes things that took me years to learn!

If a tire is out of balance, a car will bump and bounce down the road. If a checkbook is not properly balanced, checks begin to bounce, resulting in bank charges, extra work, and frustration. If a person’s life is out of balance, spiritually or otherwise, it can also bring loss and confusion!

A balanced Christian does not have an “I’m-right-you-are-wrong” attitude, but always endeavors to “speak the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15). A balanced Christian avoids extremes, always seeking the center of God’s will. A balanced Christian is able to discern between that which is essential, and that which is non-essential, so that he does not major on minors. A balanced Christian seeks to understand the total testimony of Scripture, without misapplying verses to prove a doctrine.

Many years ago, at a Bible conference I attended in Canada, one of the speakers claimed that all sickness was caused by SATAN. He quoted scripture for this view (Job 2:7; Lk. 13:11-16; Acts 10:38). The speaker that followed, took issue with him. He claimed that it is GOD who puts sickness on people. He, too, quoted scripture (Exod. 15:26; Ezek. 24:16-18; 2 Kings 15:5). In cases like this, when verses seem to be in conflict, the biblical balance is obtained when all verses on a given subject are brought into harmony.

There are verses in the Bible that speak of God’s wrath, anger, judgment, and condemnation. Other verses tell of his love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, grace, and loving kindness. We do not have a balanced picture if one set of scriptures is quoted and not the other. One-sided preaching about how bad everything is getting, or how sinful people are, unless it is balanced with love and mercy, is like a surgeon who cuts open a body and fails to sew it up.

People lose balance by believing one thing—even though there is some truth in it—to the exclusion of other things. Like one who stares at a bright light: its very brightness can have a blinding effect. Sometimes it is what people do with a doctrine—more than the doctrine itself—that causes needless splits and splinters among the people of God.

Churches that reject musical instruments as part of worship readily admit musical instruments were used in the Old Testament, but it is claimed that because only singing is mentioned in the New, it is wrong to use musical instruments in church. How reliable is an “argument from silence”?

As New Testament believers, we do not throw away the Old Testament. But questions arise as to how much of the Old Testament we should bring over into the New and to what extent. There are some who suppose priority should be given to the Old Testament. But while the Old has types and shadows pointing to Christ, in the New Testament Christ himself is revealed. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is this: “The New is in the Old contained, but the Old is in the New explained.”

To illustrate certain points, A BALANCED CHRISTIAN DISCERNS EXTREMES, includes some personal stories: Witnessing on the streets in Ft. Worth; a man at my meeting who claimed to be Jesus Christ; an auditorium seating 2,000 with 17 people in attendance; misunderstanding while climbing at Colorado Springs; a dream about “Galatians 3:31”; a church contest in St. Joseph, Missouri; searching unsuccessfully for a “no name” church where I was to speak; a “Pillow Pounding” service in Oakland; a strange plastic pipe beneath the platform at Las Vegas, etc.

This book provides balanced teaching on a wide array of biblical subjects, including:

Poverty/Prosperity? Positive Thinking? Asking “anything”? Sacred Name? Public Confession? Submission? Predestination. Grace/works. Eternal Security? Conditional Security? Situation Ethics? Greet with a kiss? Open Pulpit? Bible contradictions. Hearing God’s voice. Knowing God’s will. Casting lots. Dreams. Witnessing methods. Church contests? Prayer requests. Instrumental music in church? Only worship choruses? Throw away hymnbooks? Short services/long services? Sanctuary styles. Ministry attire. Are women to be silent in church? Misunderstood words. Cold formalism/wild fanaticism. Biblical names of the Church.

If this book were purchased at a bookstore or through some other outlet, the cost would be around $10, or more. But, as a ministry, so that no one is left out, I am pleased to offer it FREE and postage paid (within the USA). It is our gift to you, made possible by those who send offerings—some every month, others from time to time—in support of this ministry. God bless all of you with much peace and joy in serving HIM!

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