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Arlene Woodrow

ARLENE WOODROW is known as a gifted, animated, and sometimes humorous communicator who makes the Bible come alive, applying the Scriptures to every-day life in a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand style. Beginning as a young person, she has had the opportunity to minister in various ways—in churches, conferences, retreats, and women’s groups. In the early 60s she was instrumental in founding New Hope Church in Scotts Valley, California, where her father, Bill Lotts, served as mayor. That church and ministry continue today.

Arlene is a 1963 graduate of LIFE Pacific College of San Dimas, California (formerly known as L.I.F.E. Bible College in Los Angeles), where she earned her Bachelor of Religious Education degree. In 1985 she received an A. A. with a minor in psychology, at American River College in Sacramento. In the early ‘80s she taught a weekly Bible study for legislative employees at the California State Capitol for over five years. She served the Sacramento Aglow as president during that era, also led a tour to Europe (England, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany) in the early 80s, with a “Church History” theme. Other travel has included almost every state in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, also the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Israel, and Jordan.

In the greater Palm Springs area, Arlene taught Bible studies for Christian Celebrity Luncheons, a unique ministry to country club women from 1992 to 1997. Following this, for eleven years, she taught a weekly Ladies' Bible Study, especially targeting those searching for answers to life, the hurting and wounded. This group included ladies from various denominations and others with no church background. She has also served as a teacher at a local Bible College. Her writing ministry includes books, Bible courses, poems, and songs.

Arlene and Ralph, along with long-time friends Fred and Leah Horner, presently serve as co-pastors of Wallace Memorial Family Church in Indio, California.

Arlene is the mother of three grown children: Dale Spencer, Yvonne Johnson (who passed from this life on January 23, 2009, a victim of cancer), and Veronica Hawkins. There are seven grandchildren and one great-grand child.






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